For the longest time I used the same browser for personal and work use. I think part of that comes from working from home: sometimes I’m using my browser for work and other times for personal use. I’ve always had multiple browsers installed, but typically was one browser for main use and others simply for testing.

I’ve been using Firefox Developer along side Firefox for a while, but I’ve always used my same personal Firefox account. I finally created a work account for Firefox and LastPass. It’s been extremely helpful to separate all my passwords, bookmarks, history, extensions, etc. Although it’s a little time consuming moving all my URLs and passwords over to my work accounts. It’s also helped to organize everything as I add items to folders in my work account and cleanup my personal account.

If you’re not wanting to run two browsers side-by-side, Firefox Containers helps to separate your sessions. This is amazingly helpful when you need to login to two accounts on the same site (typically for me this was a personal google account and a work account). I’m still using this extension to separate some sessions and reduce tracking.